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arabica coffee bean processing

Host a Coffee Fundraiser

Raise money for your own cause or trip while making a difference for a community in

need! Organize a Building New Hope coffee fundraiser for your school, place of worship, club,

or community group.

Fundraising with Building New Hope coffee is socially responsible, environmentally friendly,

and educational. Not only can we provide you with a great fundraiser, we can connect you with

your coffee farmer and roaster. Let us know if you’d like a presentation or more information

about fair trade and how people and the environment benefit, how bird-friendly coffee preserves

important tropical habitat for migrating birds, or about life in rural El Porvenir, Nicaragua where

funds from the sale of the coffee provide education opportunities for students.

We are pleased to offer certified organic, shade-grown and certified bird- friendly by

Smithsonian, fair and direct trade coffee. Our medium and dark roasted beans are single-source

and come from El Porvenir in Nicaragua, a worker-owned farming cooperative we’ve

partnered with since 2002. Our decaf is certified organic and fair trade and is decaffeinated using

a chemical-free Swiss water process and is sourced from cooperatives in Latin America.

Building New Hope single origined, organic, shade grown fair trade coffee.

Contact us to get started!


We can make a presentation to your group around topics of fair trade, people and culture in Nicaragua, bird-friendly coffee and conservation of forest habitat, etc.

Contact us for more information and
coffee order forms.

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